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Tend to the Garden of Your Soul.

Tend til din sjæls have.

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Who am I? / Hvem er jeg?

My name is Andrew and I am a Jungian and archetypal depth psychologist who provides non-clinical/non-medical psychotherapy and who also specializes in sales (customer service and management), technology (operating Mac and PC), and horology (collecting and caring for fine timepieces). My primary specialty: managing anxiety and depression and creating daily strategies for a well adjusted and creative life. 

I know, depending on where you are from, that seeing a psychologist might be taboo or have a stigma attached to it in your world. I can assure you that our sessions will be discreet, 100% confidential, and custom tailored to your needs. If your needs go beyond the scope of my services, I will absolutely make that clear. Sessions are currently offered in English only and are available as in-person meetings or Skype meetings. See below for details. 

If you are currently experiencing a serious emergency, please call your local emergency number:

Denmark - Emergency (112) and police (114). 1813 is the emergency line in The Capital Region of Denmark.

United States - 911. For other emergency numbers, please click here.

General Specialties / Generelle specialiteter:

If you need non-clinical/non-medical psychological treatment for / Hvis du har brug for ikke-klinisk/ikke-medicinsk psykologisk behandling for:

·      Stress or Burnout - Stress/udbrændthed

·      Acute Personal Crisis - Kriser

·      Self Esteem Concerns - Selvværdsproblemer

·      General Depression (non-clinical/medical)

·      Digital Depression

·      General Anxiety - Angst (non-clinical/medical)

·      Digital Anxiety

·      Relationship Issues and Couples Counseling - Parforholdsproblemer

·      Time of Life Crisis - Livskrise

·      Behavioral Dissonance and Mild Dissociation - Adfærdsproblemer

·      Life Goals Management - Mistrivsel (Individuation)

·      Reactivating Creativity

·      Global Perception or Worldview Management

·      Handling Expectations and Obligations

·      Psychological and Philosophical Lenses
Dreamwork Methodology

·      Journaling Practices

·      Active Imagination

·      Healing through Play

·      Role Playing

·      General Meditation and Light Yoga

·      Integrating Personality Types: MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator)

·      Astrology as a Mythological Tool for Storying the Psyche and Self

·      Integration (Integral Consciousness) of:

o   All religions, including non-faith and non-belief or otherwise

o   All sexual orientations inside and outside of LGBTQ

o   All gender identities and non-binary and non-conforming types

·      And finally, a place to discuss—as I once did—the most interesting question of all, “what is the point in any of this?”

Other non-therapy related specialties / Andre ikke-terapi relaterede specialiteter:

·      Teaching best practices in formal educational settings

·      Mastering computers and digital technology for beginners

·      Understanding Carl Gustav Jung’s works in depth

·      Education and investment in fine horology, specifically wristwatches as they pertain to both value and personal meaning (no haute horologerie or luxury goods of any kind are kept on site)

My Personal Interest in Psychology / Min personlige interesse i psykologi:

There was a time in my life when I was completely ready to give up. I could find nothing interesting left in the world. The future of humanity looked bleak and I saw no point in attempting to contribute anything. There was only one last place to turn to see if I could find a meaning and a purpose to being alive. That was when a good friend of mine introduced me to depth psychology. Fast-forward nine years and I am here to tell you that no matter what you’re experiencing, life can always get better and there is a reason to be here that is different for everyone. It is because I experienced this rebirth of Self that I want to help other people help themselves to find their own way out of the underworld and into the light. I genuinely love the life that I am living now, even when I don’t feel good or when I am suffering in some way, and this is an experience and a mindset that I wish for everyone.

About (Om) Jungian Depth Psychology:

Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud were, and still are (living with us through the works they left behind), the fathers of modern psychology. Jung split with Freud for many reasons, but the most important to the practice is that Jung was willing to explore and develop psychology beyond where Freud was willing to go. While an objective depth psychologist like me does not believe literally in deities and mysticism, these are ideas that can be used to help heal the mind and soul (or psyche), if you will. Depth psychology contends that there is a collective unconscious from which all human experiences are inherited. It is via the psyche that we are able to have a relationship with the archetypes of the collective unconscious as they are experienced via the ego or sense of “I.”

Working with the concepts of archetypes, complexes, and giving them names through the mythologies of alchemy, the grand pantheon of gods, and other ancient practices and symbols, such as astrology and mandalas, one can develop one’s own personal myth or worldview and discover a path toward individuation. Individuation is not individualism, although it does in essence affect one’s individuality. Individuation is the process by which one finds their vocational calling through working consciously with the chaos of the psyche and it is the path one walks toward becoming one’s most healthy and full and authentically expressed Self. This does not contradict or come into conflict with anyone’s personal religious beliefs. Engaging in a Jungian depth psychological dialogue works in cooperation with one’s beliefs and unlocks hidden potential, growth, and development for everyone.

If you are a person who has not had the opportunity to learn about psychology, much less Jungian depth psychology, it might be difficult at first to understand how this line of thinking, this approach to a worldview, and the subsequently suggested practices might work; as they are mysterious, strange, and possibly even off-putting. What I can do is make this information accessible, valuable, and useful in your daily, hourly, and minute-to-minute experience of existence, whether we address it explicitly or not. I have personally found great success in my life by awakening to and implementing these ideas, but it has not been without suffering. Before one can be well again one must journey through the underworld and be willing to endure the suffering it takes to bring negative unconscious complexes to the surface of your consciousness. Do not be afraid, but also know that this is serious work. It is THE work of a lifetime. In the end, it’s about you. So we can address as much or as little of the methodology as you want.

Where I think you will benefit is from expanding the time-space of your own consciousness by first engaging in dialogue, creating a picture of yourself that you can compare to a future picture, and then creating a strategy for Life.  Step into my office, tell me about yourself, and let’s see what we can do to chart your course for where you genuinely need and want to go. Bear in mind, these things take time. Transformation does not happen over night, so all I ask, for the sake of your own healing, is that you do your best to keep an open mind as you engage the challenges in your life that might be holding you back. This is a safe and confidential space where we will identify anything that might not be working for you. We sill strive to custom tailor a solution to how it appears you are meant to heal and thrive!

Vocation / Kald:

For the individual looking to create a strategy around taking the next step in life or if you’re interested in finding solutions to personal issues that might not require clinical or medical treatment, I am here to talk. We may also enter into dialogue around any investigation within the world of Jungian and post-Jungian depth psychology: C.G. Jung’s Collected Works, active imagination, digital technology, and horology. How we enter into the labyrinth of healing will be different for everyone.

Qualifications / Kvalifikationer:

·      Masters in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute: Jungian & Archetypal Studies and Horology.

·      All coursework is complete for my PhD in the above subjects and am currently finishing my dissertation.

·      Masters in Education from the University of San Francisco: Digital Media and Learning

·      Received a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 in both programs, a.k.a. top marks.

·      Over 12 years of experience in the fields of personal consulting, training, sales, horology (7 years), and creative problem solving.

·      CELTA, Certified in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Hours / Timer:

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
1:00 – 2:00 PM
5:00 – 9:00 PM

Every day of the week.  

Exceptions can be made, but they must be discussed 24hrs in advance. Cancellations must be made 24hrs in advance as well. Book or cancel via email or phone. Sessions are currently available in English only, even though I am capable of speaking a little bit of Danish, Spanish, and Mandarin. Will update the site when I am fluent enough in Danish.

Rates / Priser:

Students - 500 DKK 
Individuals and Couples - 700 DKK

Sessions begin promptly on the hour, so be at least 5 minutes early. The total duration of each session is 50 minutes, leaving 10 minutes to transition. You are more than welcome to book more time if you feel you need it. Students must present a valid student ID card. 

Payments are due at the beginning of each session and must be made in cash or via PayPal at Will update the site and clients when I have procured MobilePay and local wire transfer capabilities.

Phone: +45 42 79 96 43


Skype: onesundown


Address: Løgstørgade 9, 4. tv., 2100 København Ø

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Current office location is comfortably close to an S train station and the 1A bus line. There is easy access via bicycle and car. If you are unable to climb four flights of stairs, we can arrange to meet on Skype or outside of my office at a discreet location.

Løgstørgade 9, 4. tv.
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